Monday, May 21, 2007

I Like My Coffee Like I Like My Mann

Nothing like listening to Aimee Mann and nursing a cup of coffee running a bit luke after dousing it with chocolate caramel creamer and chasing after a new and elaborate list of deadlines.

It's starting.

Now that class 5 is well-over halfway through, we are finally getting back into Maya and starting production on our short film. The next three weeks will be spent on layout, which should be interesting. Here are my deadlines for the week:

Also sometime soon I plan on uploading a lot of my latest art and animation to my website as soon as I can. I'll also post my Magic Show story animatic as some of you have requested.

For now, I've gotta get back to modeling my theater set. Thank goodness for production schedules...

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Laura "Sko" said...

Also.. as corny as it may sound, I started a pride journal today. For the first time in a really long time, I definitely feel goal-oriented and totally focused. I'm excited to even show my progress I've made in one hour today. Modeled my entire set. That's more than I usually do on a Monday. ;)

I still have cloth to worry about - gotta have nice looking theater curtains, right? But that's tomorrow's business. (See schedule for this week.)

Anyway. Just wanted to share the feel-good attitude of the moment. It's been a while since I've realized how far I've come - but it certainly comes with anticipation and encouragement for my future, too.