Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We're In June

Hey, so in case you didn't notice, it's June.

2007, if you're really out of the loop.

And frankly, time is moving ever-faster. Naveen just completed his 8th month here at Full Sail. 13 months left (he finishes at the end of June next year). Beyond that, there is really no telling where we'll be (except I can say for certain we won't be in Orlando). At this point I'm shooting to finish Animation Mentor at the end of September (I think graduation would be the first week of October), the other option being to stay in classes another 3 months beyond that and finish up at the end of the year. I'm still debating about whether or not to go to SIGGRAPH this year, for various economic and strategic reasons, but my hope is to find or be found within 6 months of my graduation. Meaning I have to start looking... yesterday.

That's of course everybody's favorite word. "I need you to do this sporadic, previously unannounced task, and it needs to be done yesterday."

So. Things are a bit up in the air next year - not sure where I'll be, and I'm not sure where Naveen will either after he finishes things here, but we're still thinking about getting married in the fall. A lot all at once. But it will all get done that way. We've already waited 5 years; you'd think another year or two wouldn't matter, but it does. I pondered that this afternoon over a carton of strawberries.

That said, this means we only have a little over a year to do the planning. So I guess we'd better get on it. My sister even has a better handle on it than I do, considering she's just spent the first half of the year in New York City working as an intern at the Today Show, and she has collected all sorts of wedding-related materials and put them into a book.

Ay caramba. Who's with me?

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