Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Purdue Day On Campus

I very recently joined a group on Facebook called the Purdue University College of Technology group. It's still new, so there isn't much there just yet, but maybe it will serve as yet another way to stay in touch with folks. Today I posted about an internship with SIGGRAPH for web design and programming, and I happened to see a post from Matt Bosma saying that the college is hosting Day on Campus this week and next (June 10-20), asking if anyone had a story about their day on campus, if incoming freshmen had any questions, or if alumns had any advice to share.

I remember my Day on Campus fondly, as a prime affirmation of confidence in selecting Purdue University for my undergraduate years. Although there were admittedly times throughout my education at Purdue during which I felt misled by some of the information I received that summer day, I must stress that so much was offered me that I had not come to expect, and ultimately I regard my days at Purdue with warmth and gratitude for the experience.

Still, here are some words I wish someone had said to me that day:

Don't just believe everything you hear. Do your homework and trust your instincts, and most of all, remember that it takes hard work to earn a degree - it isn't just given. No one is entitled to success. Always be aware of your personal goals and the steps it will take to achieve them.

And, for Pete's sake, don't stay up working four days straight in Knoy 346.

Best wishes.

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