Sunday, September 28, 2008

Animating in Westfield

I've just spent my first week in New Jersey, and I can now officially say I'm a character animator for a company called SpeakeasyFX in Westfield, NJ, doing work for the 40th anniversary season of Sesame Street, which will include 8-minute animation shorts that we will be producing from now until next year. I'm terribly excited, but unfortunately very tired so I need to keep this update short.

Downtown Westfield

The main thing you need to know is, yes, I am very happy. This one sort of landed in my lap just after the wedding, and while it seems like horrible timing to be apart form Naveen, who is still in Chicago, it was a wonderful opportunity I could not refuse. He and I will be just fine.

I'm falling asleep while writing this... so I'd better quit before I accidentally delete some files or break something... it's been a long week, mostly because I've been finding a place to live. I'll try to give more of an update tomorrow.

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