Monday, December 15, 2008

Speakeasy FX is Awesome To The Max

Okay. So while I'm somewhat coherent I want to mention that we had our holiday party today from about 2pm onwards (it's now around 8) at chez Stewart, and I've just had the best night I've had in a very, very long time. Lots of fun and a company I wish I could call family. Everyone is awesome and I just adore Julie and Scott's kids, William, Matthew, and Kate. Soooo amazing, their family. I love how they communicate with their kids and how they encourage the kids to voice themselves. I can only hope to emulate them when I have my own. And meanwhile, what a company, I am so completely blessed to know such awesome people who are all in this together with amazing positive attitudes and closeness... It's amazing. I know I'm only halfway coherent at the moment but it's something I've meant to say for a long time, I just love this company and what we're doing, and I feel so blessed to have had the chance to be here. So goes it... and tomorrow's another day. :)

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