Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Stepping Stone for my Interest in Autism

Another noticable brush with fate today perhaps...

Tonight after work I went downstairs to do some laundry, and I met a neighbor, Barbara, a 59-year old woman who works at Seton Hall University and takes classes there simultaneously. We were having a friendly commiserating moment about being halfway through the workweek, but I added how I really can't complain because I love what I do, and I'm lucky enough to still be doing it. I was supposed to have been laid off about two weeks ago, but was needed for some help on our interactive projects. Again, I was supposed to be laid off this coming Friday, and again, it looks as though it will be pushed another week so that I can help to complete the project (hopefully). It's going to be a very hectic, fast-paced week, but I'm very thankful to still have work and to be valued so much. It's a very special feeling to have at work, and I've already mentioned several times on this blog what a special company this is to work for.

Getting back to the whole fate thing.. I believe I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to be getting involved somehow with Autism, perhaps helping at a clinic or something. Well, while discussing with Barbara what she was learning this semester, she also happened to mention her involvement helping those with Autism through ARC for Union County, a non-profit membership-based organization dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities and to assisting their families in promoting the quality of their care and support. As it turns out, ARC is based in all New Jersey counties, so there is one near us in Middlesex (where our new apartment is). So, of course, I am completely psyched to check that out more.

That's unfortunately where I have to leave that tonight, because I have to finish doing laundry, taking trash and recycling out, and doing the dishes before going to bed early (ha!). Tomorrow I will be attending a meeting with Nitrous and possibly some Sesame Workshop folks to discuss our interactive projects, so the morning will be slightly more rushed for me than usual. I'll have to catch an 8:15 train into Newark Penn and an 8:55 NEC line to NY Penn for a 9:15 arrival there. Wish me luck. ;)

Hope you are all well, and please shoot me an email sometime. :-)

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