Saturday, March 20, 2010

It happened in a nap tonight...

Our home was apparently attached to the airport. It was a futuristic world, and we were living in a cozy, small house attached to an airport, apparently. We were getting ready for Raj & Kristin's wedding, packing our bags for the flight, and we became very sleepy, so we took a nap. When we woke up, we continued putting together our bags, and in a flash I was afraid that we had missed our flights. It was around 8:45 at night, and sure enough upon looking at our tickets, our flights had been scheduled for 8:45pm. Our hearts sank! For a moment we didn't know what we would do. We called his mom and apologized profusely, but she wasn't angry at all, just groaned and said she would call the travel agent to figure it out. She had apparently been napping too, or sleeping for some reason: even though the time difference in her direction would make it earlier in the day for her, it was supposedly night time in Hawaii. I told Naveen to keep packing, and that I would take our tickets to the counter and see if I could do anything about the situation. So I ran through the airport, which looked a lot like a huge high school hallway, and burst out the doors at the end of the hallway, and I could see what the planes looked like.

I had never seen anything like it - this one was only going to Charlotte, North Carolina, as I could hear by an intercom, but it was still a double-decker plane with a really amazing lift service onto the second floor, from the outside (in actuality though, this particular lifter would be terribly inefficient to load people aboard the upper floor one by one from the ground, but it still looked really cool). People were standing in security lines to board the plane. I got into another line that appeared to go back toward the building, where there was apparently a service counter. I climbed onto the first few steps, and over this half-wall I saw one area that looked a lot like a living room with these high-quality metallic chairs (looking like folding chairs but actually permanent fixtures to the floor and far more comfortable). At the immediate area where I entered, there were people sandwiched next to each other, but even so they all looked extremely comfortable in their smaller, but red-cushioned seats.

I saw a lady with a clipboard in a casual red polo shirt uniform, and walked toward her, feeling my eyes red. Half forcing some tears for sympathy (not one of my actual skills), I held out the tickets and explained frantically that we needed to get to Hawaii for my brother-in-law's wedding, and I didn't know what I would do if we missed it. The lady was very calming, appearing to be Hawaiian herself with a very round, dark, beautiful face and flowing black hair. Looking at me with a very motherly, caring face despite her youth, she assured me that everything would be all right, and that there was nothing to fear. We would make it, I just needed to breathe deeply and sit down. But suddenly, I realized the seats had buckles, and through the windows I saw movement. She looked perplexed, and said. Well of course we're moving, you're going to Hawaii! A relieved but strangely and simultaneously panicked sensation came over me because Naveen was not there yet with our bags. I frantically messaged him using my phone. Thankfully, despite seeing me doing this, the lady in the red polo shirt did not force me to immediately turn my phone off as she could see how distressed I was. She gestured to me that I should be more discrete, so I held the phone lower on my lap as I told Naveen I was on our plane, that he could catch the next one and it would be okay, and that he should not forget the shoes that matched my dress or some things I had left in another room and hadn't placed in the suitcase yet.

In a bizarre twist, I realized I was wearing not pants or a regular dress, but the huge pillowy slip I had worn under my wedding dress, with an unpleasant cake frosting stain on the butt (which doesn't exist on my actual slip). I thanked the lady in the red polo shirt for helping me, and left our seats to go to the area that looked like a living room to order myself a cocktail.

Bizarre what unfolds in dreams. :)

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