Sunday, September 19, 2010

More AFFS stuff!

Cool new "Abby's Flying Fairy School" stuff on the Sesame Street website!

Abby's Flying Fairy Fun Pack
Gear up for Flying Fairy School with twinkle-tasty recipes and magically simple costumes.

Abby's Flying Fairy School Playset
AFFS Paper Dolls!!! Create your own adventure in Abby's classroom with this printable playset.

Abby & Friends: P is for Princess DVD
Once upon a time on Sesame Street there lived a fairy in training named Abby Cadabby, and she loved going on all kinds of adventures. She loved playing princess with friends like Rosita, but what happens when a misguided Prince (played by actor Paul Rudd) tries to rescue them? Pretending and the Letter P are the focus of two more stories in this enchanting title that also features fun with Natalie Portman and Elmo in "The Princess and The Elephant". This title also features two bonus episodes of Sesame Street's animated show Abby's Flying Fairy School.

Online "Play Along Stories" (assets by SpeakeasyFX interactive team):

Call It Macaronisaurus
Help Abby, Blogg, and Gonnigan stop the macaronisaurus.
Subject: Thinking Skills

Sleeping Bloggy
Help Abby and Gonnigan wake up Blogg.
Subject: Numbers / Early Math

Say Gezundenshniffle
Help the fairies get the dust bunnies back under the rug.

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