Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Magic Show

Hey gang!

So, just to spite all of you, I have chosen the magic show story.

Nah, not in spite. I know it's epic. But I really want to do it. I'm excited about its promise, and really I think the butler one was going to get old after a few weeks. Plus I would have had to have the perfect music for the part - really the music is like a character all in itself in that story - and I'd much rather spend all that time on animation rather than hunting for the right piece of music. I love music.. but I'm here to animate. :-)

Anyway, I appreciate all of your comments and suggestions. Whether it seems like it or not, they really helped me arrive at the solution. So thanks!

Also, my website,, is back up and running.. but old. I have a ton of updates to do... I'll get back to you on those!!!


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