Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Little Girl Told Me

So, I haven't been posting especially much because I've been up north with my family taking care of wedding preparations. I haven't been to Orlando in about 2 months and haven't seen Naveen since early January. Tomorrow I'm flying back. Today we will make one last trip to continue The Hunt for "the" wedding dress. It's been a roller coaster because I've now found three dresses that fit and I really liked them and afterwards found out they were discontinued and not re-orderable. I've started tallying up how much we've put down in deposits to see what we'd be losing if we just eloped to some island wearing swimsuits. But truly, I do want our friends and family there - there are so many people who have supported us through these last five (almost six) years, and I can't think of a better way to spend our wedding day than to have them all there with us.

The wedding dress has been a bit of a problem issue though. We'll have to pick one in the next few weeks to avoid rush charges or possible backordering. I went yesterday with Julie to a few stores, including David's Bridal (although mom and I have just about stopped looking there because for the same price we've been finding some really nice designers at the boutiques). While we were there, I found a really nice dress that was a strapless A-line beaded-lace overlay with a nice train length and slightly gathered asymmetrically on the left side through the waist. Of course, after spending some time in it, I learned that it was discontinued (this was dress #3) and was disappointed, although it was my size and in pretty good shape so with the discount I thought maybe it would be something to consider.

As I'm waltzing around in it and turning to see all angles in the mirror, there was a little girl playing on the step (I was on a broad platform where there were a lot of mirrors, and she was stepping up on the platform and then down again, repeatedly). She was probably about four or five, with a cute little pink sweater and what looked like brown little elephants in a pattern on it. She was staring at me and looking starry-eyed.

I continued looking at my dress and turning around in it, but she kept catching my eye. She was watching me as if I were a Disney princess straight out of the parks - you know how little kids get around those characters - somewhat intimidated and cautious at first but usually open up after a while and come closer and talk. It's exactly how she was acting, with a shy hand at her mouth facing out (toward me) with fingers spread as if she was trying to wave but didn't quite know if it was the thing to do. I gave her a smile and continued looking at my dress.

Still she watched me and stepped forward and back, often balancing on one leg and leaning one way or another, and still with the hand at the mouth. Eventually, without taking her eyes off me, she got the courage to take another step or so closer toward me and say, "You're really pretty." It was shy and soft, but with all the emphasis she could muster. I wish you could have heard it - it just melted my heart. I said thank you but otherwise was speechless. Julie and I sighed and started giggling about how cute she was. She skipped away to what might have been her older brother, about eight or nine, who was not exactly happy to be spending his Saturday in a bridal store. The girl leaned up to him and said, "I told her! She's really pretty!" It was darling. She made my day.

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