Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Phone Display Died

Hi Folks...

GDC update is coming, as promised.

Unfortunately today I'm writing to say that my cell phone display has died. It's really frustrating, because otherwise my phone is completely functioning - if it's on, I hear it beeping to alert me I have a new message. At least I know I dial *86 to access my voicemail, but sometimes the beeping means I have a text message, and unfortunately I've been receiving a lot of them but can not check anything. Both the outside and inside display systems are corrupted or something. It's possible that they are cracked on the edge of the screen where I can't see it, and may be leaking liquid crystals or something. All I can see is a white light.

I miss my handy alarm clock, my ever-ready notepad, and my list of contacts, not to mention a useable phone. By the way, Verizon said my warranty is expired, and I could upgrade to a new phone for free (I suppose that would mean I'd have to sign a new contract?) or purchase a new phone and have my numbers transferred. Too bad they can't also transfer all the other information I've been storing in my phone. There's no way that I know to retrieve text messages, photos, recorded sound, or text messages and notes online or transfer those things to a new phone. Oh well, enough griping.

For anyone who does need to contact me, you can still use that number, and leave a voicemail (which I check nightly). Otherwise, call my phone and I've left a recording with another number (my work cell) that you can use for the time being.

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Anonymous said...

well no matter what verizion tells you there is always ways of extracting information off a phone. It just depends on how much money you are willing to spend to recover the information.

This has happened to me also in the past. All the primary contacts got transfered and I lost most people cell phone numbers, since there primary number I had as home. So depending on how much the data is really worth to you. I would say google "cell phone data recovery" and "cell phone forensics". I did both and found a piece of software that might intrest you.

Before you think this is spam since its coming from an anonymous poster i'll just say this is coming from an ole' tech head friend of yours.