Sunday, December 20, 2009

AFFS Criticism

So, as we know, mostly there has been super positive feedback about AFFS. However, we also know there are a lot of die-hard muppet fans who are afraid the real puppets are going away (which isn't true). This article by Eric Alba is no different, but at least it shows internal debate: Eric says the animation (in all its technical glory) is really well done, but he also makes a good point that it doesn't have the typical Jim Henson lo-fi lovability. Good argument, I just think that as die-hard as they think they are, these people must not be watching the SS hour, because there are plenty of puppets still bouncing around, and there always will be.

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J.Jordan said...

People criticize CG and Flash because they think the computer makes it easier or removes the heart.

What I really like about AFFS is the attention the characters get even when they're in the background.
It doesn't matter who you watch, they're all paying attention to the one talking or doing something interesting.
I think that takes heart not to mention hard work.

Don't tell let them get you down! You guys are doing a great job on AFFS.