Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Abby's Flying Fairy School" Gets Emmy, "The Gruffalo" Awarded at Annecy 2010

For its tenth anniversary on children's bookshelves around the world, The Gruffalo was adapted for a Christmas television special on BBC One last year, and it has been doing quite well, including an award for best TV special at Annecy 2010.

Since I am so new to television production, I still find it perplexing that the animation studios behind the shows are rarely publicly recognized. It took some hunting to find out who worked on The Gruffalo. Personally, I'd like to throw a shout out to Studio Soi in Germany, who with the help of some fellow Animation Mentor graduates, brought this story to life in a 3d / cg world.

Similarly, I'd like to recognize the crew at SpeakeasyFX for the amazing work on Abby's Flying Fairy School, which just won an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation. The award went to Peter de Seve, Character Designer and a great artist, but because of my bias and desire to see the animation studio gain credit as well, as it is an animation award, I must mention our amazing team of animators and our in-house art director David Michael Friend who fleshed out the characters, school design, and overall look and feel of the cg show.

These productions are two of the many productions out there today backed by fellow animators from Animation Mentor - who deserves some congrats as well for driving to bring high-quality, well-educated animators to the industry.

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