Saturday, June 26, 2010

End Of June Recap

What a month it has been. It's crazy that in only a couple weeks we'll be flying to Seattle for Matt & Amy's wedding and then Raj & Kristin's the following weekend. We're so psyched!!!

So far I have worked for three weeks at Children First Montessori, and it has been a tremendously fun challenge for me. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but we have three sets of twins in a class of 30. Aiden and Brendan are identical Chinese, Adithi and Adwaith are fraternal Indian, and Maya and Reya might be identical but they have quite a few differences so it's tough to say. Most of the kids are Indian or from some similar ethnicity. Aiden, Brendan, Kavya, Vivin, Maya, Reya, Sidhuk, Sai, Jasleen, Arushi, Kavya & Vivin (sister and brother), Jayden & Billy (sister & brother), Siya, Diamond, Arjo, Mikhil, Arya C (boy), Arya (girl), Sreya, Dhyan, Meher, Samaira, Armaan, Arshaan, Eesan, Ishaan, Aditya, Kaia, and Muis (baby comes sometimes with a teacher). I have them all memorized. :) There are other children that apparently come to the school, but I haven't met them because they are either visiting India or are otherwise away for the summer already.

Me and the kids on Miss Sangeeta's last day.

The ones that are the most well-behaved are Armaan, Arshaan, Aiden, and Kavya. It seems I can always count on them to help or listen well. The ones who are the most problematic are Sai (a bit hyperactive, disobedient often, and may actually have trouble with English or a slight learning disorder), and Dhyan (who is small enough for diapers but likes to make trouble). I try to take the time to speak directly to them and see if their needs are getting addressed. The other kids seem to fluctuate - sometimes listening well, other times being noisy or disruptive. Usually if they're causing trouble I've found it is because they felt no one was listening or that something happened but wasn't acknowledged. They seem to want more than anything to have that acknowledgment.

Highlights have been playing outside, snack time, naptime, singing graduation songs, playing the quiet game (who can sit on the red square with fingers on their lips and stay quiet the longest - winners get stickers), craft time, and crayon coloring with two dozen kids wanting me to fold their papers into fans. Armaan, one of the older kids and very sweet boy, drew a picture of a fence and let me keep it:

Obviously not everything is fun. Gross alert, for those of you squeemies. Thursday I witnessed a boy's milk being projectile-vomited onto the lunch table, after bouncing around and shaking himself up like a soda bottle. Thank goodness most of the other kids were done eating and had already put their things away - otherwise we would have had a much more complicated mess. Friday another boy threw up as well, a little in the classroom and all over the bathroom. I wish there was better ventilation in there - the acidic smell lingered even an hour after I disinfected the surfaces and mopped up the floor. I just think it's funny how quickly the kids bounce back to normal as if nothing happened.

As far as Speakeasy, Hot Dog & Hamburger is now showing in the UK on BBC's website:

Unfortunately, we can not view it in the USA, but we're pushing for more exposure. Supposedly we'll be able to get it on a worldwide website soon. Still no word on Sesame or anything else. Still a waiting game on other job applications. Still getting better at my at-home schedule as far as animating and other priorities, including a cute short film I'm starting to flesh out. More later!

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