Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Blocking Plus Pass - The First Half of "Misfit Magician"

So, a lot of people are asking to see progress on my short film, and it's just reminding me that I really need to redevelop my existing website so that I can post my dailies. I'm starting to sketch out some new ideas, so I'll let you know when that's in order. It's long overdue...

Here's a quick look at my first half of blocking (plus).

"Misfit Magician - First Half, Blocking Plus"

The blocking passes always seem more challenging to start, because that's when I have to make all my decisions on acting, poses, etc - but, it's also very fun to see this film take shape. Supposedly this week I should be completely done with all blocking so that next week is just refining of the first third... I hope that happens! It's been really busy with my workouts (I hired a physical trainer to help get my waistline down a few inches before my wedding), and we've had company for the past few days which has been great, and that lizard is still under my dishwasher (I think)... So I just have to be diligent and stick to my dailies. It helps that I'm super excited about it.

Also, just a quick note on how awesome Animation Mentor is, again... yesterday afternoon I got a call from Suzanne who is a counselor with student care at AM. She was merely calling to see how I was doing (presumably because I took that LOA last month, and now we're halfway through the term, 6 weeks from completing the courses altogether). I can't believe how fast this time went. But I gave her all of my positive news, including how much better my mindset is this time around, and how glad I was that I took the LOA when I did. She was glad to hear it, and hopes to see me at graduation on January 12. Wow, that's coming fast! I'm so psyched.

Well - gotta get back to work! It's another beautiful day in Orlando - gotta use it well. :)


ME! said...
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Alex Z. said...

Laura, the second half of this clip is so much better than the first, mainly because you start treating the entire body as a single, organic object.
In the intro, Bishop's entire spine remains stiff, as do many parts of his body (legs too angualr, arms too straight, etc.) The later shots, it's like you're a whole different animator! When he stands up from the fallen hat and makes that "hang on" gesture before zipping offscreen... that's brilliant work!
Seriously, just go back to the first couple of shots and use the same kind of thoughtful posing, with arcs, lines, and weights like you have in the later shots, and this portion of your short will be entirely awesome!
I'm really glad to see you're still moving forward with your short, and I'm especially happy to see such amazing progress in the quality of your blocking!
Hooray, and congratulations!

Laura "Sko" said...

Thanks so much - I know what you mean about the stiffness of the first part. I haven't gotten much time to go back and break the joints there. Blocking Plus has been done more on the second part, which is why it looks so wildly different, but I'm glad to hear your notes because it just reminds me I've gotta keep working hard to get that first part to be more refined. That's next week's work - this week I have to finish it.. aarghhh! :) Should be great, but it's a lot of work remaining. X'ing my fingers...

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Anonymous said...


howdy kiddo . . . busy as always yet finally finding time to catch up with e-mail and WOW has this progressed!!

Alex was right on about the difference between the 1st and 2nd part. I would imagine you're just focusing in on the more difficult parts 1st, like eating the lima beans . . . do you hide the arms when you're blocking to get the focus on the flow and arcs of the hips?
It's really good to see so much done on this! and to hear all the other good news *)

Keep chipping away at it . . . advice I need to take. I've been so buried in freelance work that I haven't touched my film in 4 weeks *( . . . BUT I WILL FINISH!