Thursday, November 15, 2007

Posing for Clarity

Hi folks,

I'm having trouble with my sawwing pose (sawing? sawwing?)... I've seen several videos and stills, and there doesn't seem to be one right way to saw something. Could you help me decide which pose is clearest, or if you have another completely different idea?

Thanks so much!


(Edit - 11:15pm EST)
PS: Judging from the responses I've gotten so far, I need to make a clarification. Admittedly I didn't spend very much time on these - they're more "3d sketches" than actual poses. They're lacking weight, and certain body parts should be rotated so it doesn't appear so square. Let me just clarify that I'm more concerned about the legs right now. I did take some video reference of myself, and compared it with videos I found online. It seemed that the foot was either flat down on the right side (and knee down on the left), or foot flat on the left side (and knee touching down on the right). So it's the kneeling position I'm most concerned with (before I start making additional adjustments, adding weight, etc).

Thanks again very much you guys!

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net perin said...

Hey Laura,
My name is Net. I don't start classes till January... so I'm surely no expert... YET ;D (he,he,he)

I was wondering what it would look like if you either changed your camera to the other side or had your character switch sawing hands. I'm thinking this because I assume that the main action that you are wanting to highlight is the sawing, and having it closest to the camera might work well for you. On the other hand, literally!... if you are intending to cut his hand that he is leaning on then maybe that idea wouldn't work as well.
If you are thinking of highlighting him sawing with his right hand then I would think that his left knee should be up... and maybe you could stage the left hand on top of the saw for added leverage there...and maybe it would help your pose too???
I happen to have tried to cut something with one of those bendy saws once... it was a pain in the ars... I ended up having to get a rhythm going kind of fast in order for the saw not to catch on the wood and bend...

Good Luck on your animation... thanks for blogging about your work by the way... I'm really loving checking out what everyone is up to there at the school...
Hope to see you around campus in January *grin*