Thursday, November 01, 2007

When Opportunity Knocks, Wear A Glove

I'm kicking myself.

This is all going to be something to laugh at later, and you all can enjoy it now. But this lizard thing has really been bugging me. So today I put a chair in the middle of the floor and laid down a floor-length mirror so that maybe that lizard could see the outside world (from where it is under my dishwasher, I set it up so the mirror reflected the screen porch door around our kitchen corner).

As crazy as that may sound, it actually worked... the lizard came out, bobbed its little head up and down as if judging the distance (it probably thought the mirror was the way out), and came out about a foot and a half. I was right there, prepared with a box in hand, and I hesitantly grabbed its tail... I got it...

Except, in a fraction of a second, inches off the ground, it was so scared, it whipped around as if it were trying to get loose or bite me. Of course I know the thing probably can't bite, but I was so startled that I let go, and it scurried back under the dishwasher.

I have a feeling I would have kept my wits if I had just put on a latex glove, which I keep right there under my cabinet for cleaning with bleach. It was right there, and I was so close to freeing our little friend, and now I'm just kicking myself. I'm sure it will be hours, if not days, before it emerges again. Oh well.

So, if the opportunity knocks again, I'm wearing a glove.

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