Monday, November 17, 2008

Questions Aren't The Answer

Not to be ornery, but there's one commercial I've seen lately that just ticks me off. It's called Questions Are The Answer by AHRQ.GOV and I've seen it on while watching videos before bed. I had only ever seen the 30-second video but I found a full version on YouTube.

One particularly blood-boiling aspect of this video is the line that goes something like, "we're not magicians, we can't read your mind." Apparently I still carry some bitter resentment over my variety of past experiences with doctors who ignored my questions and rather made assumptions about me while disregarding my concerns. I actually haven't bothered to go to a general practitioner in over two years. I have a vague, back-burner intention to resume regular checkups when I find a doctor I can trust who will actually be open minded and helpful rather than a narcissist preoccupied with a white lab coat, custom paisley tie, and BMW in the reserved parking zone out front.

I'm not really that cynical, most of the time. But I've seen this commercial a few times and I just felt like venting my dissatisfaction with today's standard healthcare in America.

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