Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fools 2010

I think April Fool's could very well be my favorite holiday. It's not the most anticipated day of the year, like say Christmas or New Year's, or a landmark birthday, or a wedding, or a baby being born... it's just a subtle day, unlike most others on the calendar. But for me it brings great joy. :-)

It isn't utter chaos, but there are so many un-truths floating around, like my Prego My Eggo graphic indicating I might have a waffle in my toaster, or my latest post to the Kids Media Salon indicating the salon is a place for a child's first haircut in front of a television.

Of course the famous one is always Google (or shall I say, Topeka), which in itself makes me want to work for Google even though I have no idea what I would do there.

Starbucks, Kodak, and Hulu were my other favorites this year (so far).

If you're behind on all the April Fool's jokes, one great place to look is TechCrunch - they had a great list this year. Take a peek.

And, thanks to my brother in law, Raj, for pointing out this old clip.

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