Monday, April 05, 2010

Sketching: Healthcare

Last week, the animators of SpeakeasyFX started a sketchblog in their spare time, with weekly themes. Our first theme was Healthcare, in honor of the recent bills passing and political schtuffz. Here was my contribution.

A certain someone might realize this sketch is about him. A friend of mine in college went to the university health center, and, despite his masculinity, was asked if he might be pregnant. After seconds of silence, the doctor looked up from his chart and realized he was speaking with a man, and moved on to the next on his list of predetermined questions. My friend and I had a good laugh over this, after much commiserating over the lack of good health care in America. I haven't had a good doctor since my pediatrician, and if I ever go in for any symptoms whatsoever they are, these close-minded doctors always assume pregnancy if you're a girl - even if you've been celibate your whole life, which I found very frustrating at the time.

I actually haven't bothered with doctors since.

It's pretty cool that Healthcare was our first topic, considering I have a short I was "doctoring up" about a month ago involving this subject, and now I'm re-inspired to get going on it.

(White board silliness ensues..)

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