Thursday, April 08, 2010

My Fitness Pal

I definitely would recommend this site to anyone trying to shed some pounds before summer. I joined in February and have lost four pounds, which is more than I can say for just "watching what I eat" on my own. It's got a great food database, so you just enter what you're eating and it tracks all the nutritional information for you.

It can also track exercise, although I've opted to track it in notes vs. through their exercise (calorie burning) database: the reason for this is because say you go running for a couple hours and burned around 200 calories - the site then gives you a 200 calorie extra allowance in your daily food intake.

So by not officially reporting the exercise, I am eliminating the extra allowance and sticking to my set calorie goal on a daily basis. I'm tracking sugar and fiber much better, which is tremendously healthy awareness. I've made strides at weight loss that I haven't made in over a year, and it's been really great.

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