Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Beautiful First Day in Florida

I arrived yesterday afternoon around 4:30pm after an easy-breezy flight from Fort Wayne. I would definitley fly Allegiant again. Saved quite a bit of money and basically everything (baggage, seating, in-flight food) is a-la-carte so people can choose what matters to them and leave out what doesn't. And nothing beats getting to your destination nonstop after only 2 hours.

Of course there were the re-acquantancing hugs, kisses, etc. Really good to see Naveen again. There's still that initial shock, like finding something really special in your spring jacket pocket after a long winter - it's been so long since you've seen it, you have to keep turning it over in your hands to re-identify it, remembering how much you cherished it, and after a few minutes the familiarity comes back and you take full ownership of it again. He brought me some cute blue-dyed daisies along with his loving affection.

Pretty much the first thing we did was grab some Royal Thai, which is one of those restaurants you just crave. I got shrimp pad thai and some potak soup, and Naveen got some Ga-ree Gai and potak soup as well. We watched old Friends episodes while eating, and pretty soon after that I fell asleep on the couch, as expected. My last night at home had been spent sorting, packing, and cleaning - I didn't sleep. I had laid down to rest my back and my eyes first around 7am, and got back up around 7:45 to finish everything. My uncle took me to the airport - he's also watching the cats this week while my parents and my grandmother are moving things down here with our van.

My family was supposed to leave before I did on Friday. By 9am when they were all starting to get in the van, I was running on pure adrenaline, and squeezed in a few last things like shoes. In fact it occurs to me now that I forgot two pairs of sandals in my closet. Darn. Anyway... darn. Ok, I won't dwell. :-) So anyway, around 9:30 they were all sitting in the van and waving, and my mother turned the key, and there was a horrible clicking sound and flashing lights in the car. At first she blamed me for leaving the doors open so long the night before (thinking the lights inside the car would drain the battery). We got jumper cables out, but before we used them, we determined it was probably the starter that wasn't working, since the radio, lights, and headlights could all be turned on. We had to have the van towed out of our own garage.

Sadly they did determine it was the battery after all. I was disappointed more than anything, because each time I got in the car to pack some items, the lights were on for about a minute and then turned off automatically, so I didn't think I was draining the battery. It was probably me, but on the other hand, we've had the van in for service for a couple times this month because of some strange shuddering happening, but they never found an explanation. I guess there's a chance it was related to that. So, it's turning out to be a much more expensive move than I thought!

I'm so glad to be here though. It may have been difficult, but it continues to feel right, and now I have to focus on animation - I have tonight and tomorrow after church until 3pm. After that we're going to go to Bally's Total Fitness and do a short workout, and then we'll go to the store for some last-minute items and finish cleaning and organizing before my family arrives. Monday will be spent with them at Disney, and the rest of the week is up for grabs - which means a lot of animation, probably some contract work, and tax forms. But it's Florida, and it's with the one I love. (ok, enough mushy stuff - getting back to work now!)

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