Monday, March 19, 2007

Moving to Orlando

Well, it's a scramble. I am moving on Friday.

Aside from moving, I still have some contract work to do, as well as Animation Mentor work, of course. But there's an update: originally, my parents and I were planning to begin driving very early on Friday morning, stop overnight in Dalton (Georgia), and get to Naveen's place by late Saturday night. Sure doesn't leave a lot of time for animation on this last week to submit work for class 4.

So, for kicks, my folks asked me to look at flights to Orlando. Flying from Fort Wayne is generally too expensive (I try to book flights from Indy to cut my cost in half). However, Allegiant Airlines just came to our airport, and if you book early enough, you can get service to Orlando for $79 (plus taxes/fees, plus baggage cost, plus seat selection cost). I saw a flight on Friday for $99 but didn't book it quick enough. There weren't any left when I tried.

I kind of gave up on the idea, but when I overheard mom telling the story to a friend of hers on the phone, it occurred to me that there might be a cancellation. So I checked, and sure enough, there was a seat available - this time for $129, plus all the extra fees, but we still decided it was worth it to get there early to work on animation all day Saturday and help Naveen clean if necessary. Perks: now my grandparents can fit in the van and come with us for a nice vacation, and I won't have to sit in the car for 2 days wishing I were at a desk animating. :)

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