Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk?

I am so lucky. I am so *freakishly* lucky to have been able to spend these twelve weeks working with Brett Coderre of Pixar on my shot. Man, what a once in a lifetime experience. And in a class of 10 students, I bet he made each of us feel like we were getting special attention. Our critiques have been 10-15 minutes long on 10-15 second animation clips - I don't think it's just my Pixar bias talking, but wow. That's generous, in the midst of working on a major motion picture.

I've gotten a huge chance to connect with Brett over the last 3 months and I've learned a ton. His attention to detail has been great, and his encouragement imperative. Just thinking about how far I've come just this term, I almost wish I had left my job sooner so I could have more immediately devoted my time to AM, which would allow him to see more of my potential and really dive in with those critiques. The great thing about Brett is, I think he sees the potential in all of us, despite our limited schedules. He's calling our bluffs before we even know we're making them. What an inspiration.

Ok, that's off my chest. Now I'm getting back to business. :-)

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