Thursday, March 22, 2007

In De Nile

I'm in serious denial. As much progress as I made yesterday, I just don't think I can fully comprehend this move and all I have to do between today and tomorrow.

I know it's for the best - still believe that - but it's so easy to want to stay here. Change is never easy. But I'm liking the 'defining my sense of self' part.

So I fly tomorrow (I'll be at the airport by this time) and then I'll be in Florida. I'll have all of Saturday to work on the so-called 'finishing touches' on my shot. I have so much to do though. A lot of work and not a lot of time these next two weeks. That's sort of how life is going at the moment. I'm looking forward to the change of pace starting April 2 - start of Class 5, which will be great - going on my first cruise the following week, and when I return, I can focus on AM, help CVC when I can, and we can finally get some wedding plans going and those marriage prep classes.

Until then, it's a big transition, and I've gotta focus on the flow of progress. - In Between The Keys -

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