Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy New Year! (Finally)

Wow, took me long enough to get a new post up. It's been travel-mania for me. First Orlando to Fort Wayne, then driving up to Milwaukee for Christmas, back to Fort Wayne for New Year's, then Naveen flew back to Orlando for school and I drove back to Milwaukee for a bridal show, then flew to San Francisco (where I am now), and when I fly back to Milwaukee I have another bridal show and my birthday (and several others) before driving back to Fort Wayne and eventually flying back to Orlando. Whew!

Now that that's all off my chest, where was I? Oh, first, San Francisco. Man do I love it here. Staying with Dorothy and Jeff who generously offered their guest room for this week. They have a nice condo on Geary around 28th, so yesterday I really got my exercise. Yesterday was my first full day here, and I walked about 30-40 blocks here in SF and have blisters to prove it, oops. It was Asian Day - I walked to Japantown and enjoyed a lunch special at Benihana's for ten bucks - came with the whole shebang of ginger salad, miso soup, edamame, hot green tea, four pieces of sashimi, shrimp and vegetable tempura, a few ounces of grilled salmon, a California roll (I know, I would have preferred eel but oh well). For ten bucks in San Francisco's Benihana, I think that was pretty good.

Anyway, continuing down Geary I made it to Chinatown, where I picked up some $2 bargain t-shirts and odds and ends for family souvenirs. In the evening, continuing the Asian theme, we were going to go to a screening of Secret Sunshine, a Korean film playing at ILM's in-house theater, but ended up swinging European (Portugese) for dinner at Grubstake's cablecar restaurant, where we actually ended up ordering some very American cheeseburgers. Watched episodes of The Wire when we got back, and I crashed around midnight.

Today is the Animation Mentor open house at the ol' headquarters. Pretty sure it's from 3-5pm so I have the morning to do whatever. I'll bring my camera for sure.

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