Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Am A Graduate of Animation Mentor

What a day, and what a night. What a marvelous experience. I am way way too tired to give the full report, other than to say the weather was perfect, the people were genuine as always, and the ceremony itself was a blast. This place means the world to so many people - it's an amazing feeling, all this pride and joy in a school, in someone's dream to make other people's dreams come true, and we all shared this magnificent journey together. What a huge gamut of emotions. The ceremony was both touching and funny. The reception was also full of laughs and tears - and I got interviewed by the AM team out on the bay behind Ft. Mason while the sun went down over the Golden Gate Bridge... It was just surreal. It felt like my own little piece of heaven.

Even tonight, the joy still continued. I didn't really eat there, despite some delicious looking appetizers and drinks, so some AM friends were kind enough to offer me a ride to find some place to eat. We headed to Amici's for some pretty awesome pizza (I had the Boston one with eggplant, as well as some kind of white wine but I forget which). Then they again offered a ride to the Mint Karaoke lounge where we were said to be, but it was completely packed. We weren't there long but we were around long enough for my new friends to buy me a mojito - I swear, I stepped into another dimension of kindness and heart today. I just feel as though all is right in my own little world, and if I can just hang onto this positive energy long enough, I should be able to make it out there as a pro.

We had a blast, hopped to another bar, and really enjoyed the evening. I had some really nice conversations and mostly just felt like I should pinch myself as if to wake from a dream. They drove me home tonight too. I'm so grateful to them (hey Anton and Breanne!) and everyone out there - it was fantastic meeting all the grads and getting to spend some quality time together.

And now, it's just about 2:30 so it is definitely time for bed. More later, and pictures, definitely...

I Am A Graduate Of Animation Mentor!!!

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