Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Quicktime Player Update

So, I'm just curious if anyone else has had problems with Quicktime Player updates.

I recently updated my QT player, and now several of my icons are messed up on my Windows XP Pro machine (Dell Laptop). Particularly my Photoshop files have been a problem. I've tried going into my QuickTime preferences and unchecking various boxes (such as jpeg, avi, and psd = photoshop, if you didn't know). Unfortunately that did not help.

So I went directly to a Jpeg file then and right clicked on it, selected "open with" and chose Windows Media and Fax player (my current preference) and selected "always use this program to open this type of file." That worked.

However, I tried the same thing with a Photoshop file, by selecting "open with" and choosing Photoshop; yet the "always use this program" option was grayed out. The PSDs will open with Photoshop, but the icons are still Quicktime PSD icons, which annoys me.

As you must know, I'm a graphic designer and an animator, so naturally I'm visually reliant on particular icons so that I can work at a fast pace. When I'm working with both PSDs (Photoshop) and MOVs (Quicktime movies), I expect to see immediately which files are which - but now, since the update, I've noticed my production slows down when I have to take time to figure out if it's a Photoshop file or a Quicktime movie. How irritating.

Any notes, please share!

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