Monday, January 14, 2008

Last Day in SF

So again, I'm writing this a couple weeks late, so forgive the "lack" of detail. :-)

I woke up thinking about how I'd never seen the buffalo in Golden Gate Park. So I took about a half hour to walk there and enjoy the scenery. Another gorgeous day. Light was flowing through the slight misty fog in the treetops, and it seemed like every tiny branch of green was reaching, growing. I love the park. The buffalo, on the other hand, were a little less interesting than I had imagined. Fascinating animals, but from 50 feet away as they chewed on bark and grass and otherwise laid around staring, they just couldn't keep my interest for long.

I hung around in the dog park for a little while before I realized it was getting toward lunch time. I was going to grab the Fulton bus back into town, but as I waited for one heading east, I spotted one coming toward me that was going westward to Ocean Beach and made a quick decision that I wanted to go there. I'm glad I did - it was chilly as always but a really glamorous, sunny day to go. I got some good photos there, and hung out much longer than I anticipated.

A lot of folks were walking their dogs on the beach. One woman threw a tennis ball as she walked, and the dog chased down the coastline to find it in the sandy water. As she got closer to me though, the dog ran after the ball, captured it, and brought it to me, dropping it at my feet, and looking at me as though we had known each other and this game for our whole lives. So, of course, I picked up the slobbery, sandy ball and threw it. The dog brought it back to me a second and third time before the owner caught up to where I stood. We said hello, and I threw the ball one last time before they continued down the coast.

The sand just shimmered and I didn't want to leave, but I had a pretty strong craving for these fantastic looking crepes in Japantown. So I found my #5 bus on Fulton heading east into town and got a ham and tuna crepe, aiming for something out-of-the-ordinary. Odd combination but I was pleasantly surprised. I shouldn't have, but went ahead and bought a second crepe for dessert that was a 'banana split' crepe complete with bananas and strawberries, chocolate chips, and vanilla ice cream. I didn't quite finish it as I realized exactly how much food I had just shoveled in my stomach. Oh well. It was fun. ;)

I continued on to Chinatown and looked at jewelry and shirts, and then walked up to Little Italy and picked up a few things there. I spent a lot of time walking to places, so I didn't get a chance to make it up to Telegraph Hill or the Wharf, but I figured I'd rather make it back home before dinner. Dorothy and Jeff made this really great spiced beef from Trader Joe's as well as some rice and salad greens with a spicy peanut viniagrette. It was a really nice dinner and a lovely way to spend my last night there. Later Dorothy even took me to Ghirardelli Square for a hot fudge Sunday treat just before closing time, and then we drove around the Embarcadero and passed a place called Citizen Cupcake (a division of Citizen Cake, which is truly an awesome name for a patisserie if you ask me). We got back home, watched a little tv, and chatted while I packed my bags. It really was nice staying with them at their condo (thanks guys)!!!

The next morning my flight was delayed due to fog, which was nice because it would have been too early to say goodbye anyway! But ultimately I did have to leave, and it was a nice flight back to Milwaukee (except around Denver, which was really turbulent and scary). I stayed in Wisconsin for another week and celebrated my birthday there with family. We also continued attending bridal shows and shops and got a closer idea about dresses as well. Booked the cake on the 19th at the Midwest Airlines Center show, and looked heavily at photographers. Celebrated my aunt Pam's 50th birthday (2 days early so we could get together on the weekend) and watched on TV the Packers vs the Giants playing in the -25 degree wind chill up in Green Bay. Really sad and unexpected loss there, especially since Tynes missed his first couple field goals - we all thought he'd be out of a job come Monday, but then he made that 47-yard kick during overtime that won the Giants a spot at the Superbowl. Pretty big disappointment for Packer fans, but I think I'll live. ;)

Now back in Fort Wayne for 2 more weeks, sorting through wedding stuff and going through storage getting rid of things I'm no longer attached to. And then I have to take a good long look at the companies that inspire me most and try to find my way to going pro with my animation. I'll keep you posted.

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