Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm laughing quite hard right now.

I made a deal with myself today that if I got those peanut butter cookies at the store, I'd have to do some extra animating at home. Or at least start a new side project. So I did. Never mind that the cookies pretty well sucked. I had already made the deal, so, poo.

Yes. Poo.

Anyway, I gathered some audio clips I've been harvesting lately, decided on one, and started drawing thumbnails. Fun. And then, I launched Maya...

HOLY MOLY I'm rusty. At first, it was just weird opening something that wasn't XSI, which I've been using exclusively for the last 8 months. Prior to that I had only really ever used Maya (except for maybe a year of 3d Studio Max in there somewhere), and had been completely comfortable with Maya. Suddenly tonight I found myself severely out of touch, finding I'd have to retrain my fingers again to the different keyboard shortcuts, and realizing exactly how much my workflow has changed (for the better) over the past year.

One thing I believe I'll have to change before the week is over is a new mouse. I didn't realize until now how the pressing function on my middle mouse wheel is so inefficient. Another thing I'm coping with is a single 17" laptop monitor versus dual 19" Dell monitors at work, which I use to spread out all of my tools, like the object view which I use to see the official shot camera view at all times, as well as the animation (graph) editor and often my explorer (or outliner). Even my vocabulary is XSI friendly now as opposed to the Maya terminology.

Another readjustment for progress... let's hope. For now, Bishop (the AM character) looks as stumped as I am.

Until tomorrow...

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