Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If Facebook Disappeared...

If Facebook Disappeared...

...would it mean the end of the world?

I think it would be the end of the world for some people. True, for some folks, Facebook is just a website, and there might be many more important ones out there, like CNN, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, or even YTMND. For some, Facebook is just a site you can slap your name on and say, oh sure, I have an account, but I'm never on there, it's just for fun.

I realized tonight how important Facebook has become for me while living alone and away from my friends and family. What started as a networking tool among college friends has grown into this massive universe of status updates, quirky applications, and shared links and photos. If all this were suddenly to disappear, if Facebook were to close its online doors, so to speak, I think we'd have an uprising. It would be an uprising of the Bored, the Lonely, and the Networking Communicators. And that's scary.

First, you've got these tightly wound communicators, who would be the brains of the uprising operation. They'd be the ones driven completely mad over it. They would plot and scheme and judge, and they'd network with all their fellow networkers to decide what sort of action to take out.

Then, you've got the lonely people - the people who crave constant contact - and they'd be the ones that the communicators would use (I mean, talk to, lovingly, maybe over a cup of coffee and some hugs). The lonely people would desparately relay the communicators' plans and instructions to others, so that they would be less lonely. These "others" - well, they're the bored people.

Now the bored people are the ones that carry out the action. They're the most unpredictable, because if you could predict their actions, it would have meant they were a structured, disciplined species with a plan unfolding in their lives. But they're BORED people. It's a whole subclass of folks willing to display indecent behavior in public, stick anything in any orifice, experiment with anything for no real scientific or curious purpose, and take on the dares of more contemplating folks who are too guarded themselves to act in such ways. The Bored People are the ones to fear, but arguably not so much as those Communicators with the plans in hand. Still, all these people as a collective would rise up and do something terrible, for sure, if Facebook ever simply disappeared.

I'm pretty sure I'm a Communicator, so, ye know. Look out, for me.

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