Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Furry Fumbling

Update: This issue has been resolved - see Fumble Fixed. Thanks!

I have a technical question for someone to answer. Have you ever worked with Maya Fur, or know someone who does? I can very well apply and adjust fur settings to a generic polygonal model, but I can't seem to apply it correctly to this character I'm trying to create.

You don't have to tell me - (I know!) - it's a weird model: it's actually a rigged dog model, with a human facial rig grafted onto that, with a rabbit ear rig grafted onto that. It is a working rigged model with separate geometry for body, head, and ears, and I've begun animating on it via reference in another file, so I can keep tweaking this model and rig as needed (whiskers come next).

My idea was to apply some short fuzzies to this creepy little guy, but for some reason, when I apply fur to the body model, it covers the feet and a few spots here and there, and otherwise leaves bare skin.

I can apply the same fur to the face and ears, and the pattern is even, so I'm guessing it's a problem with the body UVs... but I know very little about that (or how to fix it), and I'm not too sure if that's even the issue.

Just a note to reiterate: it has been possible to apply fur to the face and ears.

So has anyone out there ever done fur? Any thoughts on what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance!

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David Ward said...

the only thing i can think of is either the normals are flipped in strange way, or the uv is messed up... not sure how to fix