Sunday, October 07, 2007

Student Choice Awards

Just reporting on a news item I saw today at AM:

The Student Choice Awards are a way for students to honor excellence in their class here at Animation Mentor. They represent a unique honor in that they are completely student driven. Students make the nominations and students select the winners.

Awards for the following 8 categories will be presented at the graduation ceremony in San Francisco, CA on January 12, 2008.

If you would like to be considered for any of the following awards, please upload your work over the next week. A nomination survey will be sent to your email address next Thursday, October 11th.

How do I upload my work?
Upload your work in 2 places! First, upload your work under "PUBLIC REVIEW". Second, post your submission in the Student Choice Awards Forum Posting found in Short Film Discussion. This will make viewing work much easier for your fellow students to view your work.

Can I submit work for multiple categories?
Yes! Simply upload as one movie but with a title image at the beginning of each upload.

What are the Categories?
You will find a detailed description of each award in the forum posting mentioned above.
1) Most Improved Student
2) Most Entertaining Video Reference
3) Best Dialogue Acting Award
4) Best Silent Acting Award
5) Most Encouraging/Supportive Student
6) The Walk Cycle with the most Personality Award
7) The Forum Ninja Award
8) The Biggest Personality in a Live Q & A

I think I'll be entering for #3, #7, #8. Possibly #2.. not sure yet.

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