Monday, November 16, 2009

Abby's Flying Fairy School: "The Cinderella Challenge (The Fairy Godmother Test)"

Some Trivia, if you'd like... This show, called The Fairy Godmother Test (aka, The Cinderella Challenge), was the very first show in production at Speakeasy FX. At the show's beginning, we only had eight animators. Shots back then were counted up incrementally by one, while later we numbered our shots by multiple of five to ease technical issues if shots were added in between (for continuity). We used to tack up storyboard panels all over the walls. While getting our feet wet in XSI (since we were all brought up on Maya), not to mention learning the character rigs and production flow, this episode took us nine weeks to accomplish. By the end of the first season, we had thirteen animators and accomplished shows in an average of two to three weeks (our record being one week - just to see if we could pull it off - needless to say, nobody slept that week)!!!

My work on this episode, which aired today:

  • (EP001SH006) Blogg, Abby, Gonnigan
    "Well Cinderella is a girl, and Abby is a girl, hehe, hint hint, nudge nudge!"
    This was my very first shot assignment with Speakeasy FX. I think when all of us AMers got here and got shots done in a few days instead of a few weeks, we were pretty shocked at what we were able to do!

  • (EP001SH013) Mrs. Sparklenose
    "You will be playing Cinderella!"

  • (EP001SH015) Mrs. Sparklenose
    "I'm sorry dear, but eenie meenie is legally binding. You'll have to be our Cinderella.."
    I loved this line and did not want to overact it, but I wanted her to appear half like a teacher, half like a lawyer laying down the line! A render still of this shot (frame 120, pictured below this shot list) was used in Louise Gikow's book, "Sesame Street: A Celebration -- 40 Years of Life on the Street."

  • (EP001SH030) Mrs. Sparklenose, Fairy Timer, Dress Badge
    "You've now completed the first part of the Cinderella Challenge!"
    Unfortunately the original camera was changed during the render, so the composition is off - which bothers me, but hardly anyone else. :)

  • (EP001SH037) Abby, Gonnigan, Blogg
    "Oh don't worry, Gonnigan! My mommy does this all the time. We just have to wave our wands and say - 'Fragile Footwear.' (all together) FRAGILE FOOTWEAR!"
    This was my first time animating Abby dialogue. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with animating her!

  • (EP001SH053) Abby, Gonnigan, Blogg
    "(Gasp) Twelve might have something to do with the shoes!"
    Twinkle think... twinkle think... ;) Also, Blogg likes his dress. ;)

  • (EP001SH066) Gonnigan, Blogg, Abby, Niblet
    "Oh, oh, Oh no! Niblet ate the pumpkin!"
    This shot (pictured at the top of this post), along with my first shot, were favorites in early playblast screenings.

  • (EP001SH069) Gonnigan, Abby, Niblet, Mrs. Sparklenose
    "Mrs. Sparklenose, does Cinderella's ride have to be made from a pumpkin?"

  • (EP001SH084) Blogg, Gonnigan, Abby
    "A tricycle?"

  • (EP001SH090) Abby, Gonnigan, Mrs. Sparklenose, Fairy Timer
    "Now we have to get Blogg to the ball!!!"

  • PS - I was surprised to hear this aired today (Monday, 11/16/09), since they aired all new episodes throughout last week. We'll see what they air tomorrow - if it's a new episode, you allergy sufferers may like to tune in for a tickle!

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    ramy said...

    I'm a 3D artist that stumbled upon your blog by looking for abby flying fairy school for my 2 yr old son. We both love watching it. I have to say the 3D for that segment is very impressive...are you using maya/max/XSI? Well done!