Monday, November 09, 2009

AFFS Airs Today!!! Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2009

(I'm posting this in advance so folks can find airtimes.)

Congratulations to Sesame Street on 40 years of fantastic children's television!!! And congrats to all of us at Speakeasy FX for the production of the show's second daily segment, Abby's Flying Fairy School!!! it all begins in the morning on PBS.

We'll be watching on WLIW, at 9am over at Dillon's in Mountainside.

To save you the trouble: Here are the times Sesame Street airs for my biggest supporters!

Fort Wayne, IN: PBS 39, 10:00am

Milwaukee, WI: MPTV, 11:00am

Indianapolis, IN: WFYI, 10:30am
(although for Indy the show listed is "The Help-O-Bots," whereas it should be "Frankly It's Becoming a Habitat" - currently listed Wednesday, you may want to tune in both days!)

PBS couldn't possibly make their tv listing website more complicated.. you navigate to the website , choose the zip code or location near you, and you'll see a list of available stations for your area. Find out on your tv which one you can tune into, and pick "This One" on the website. You'll see TV Times, but you must navigate to where it says "Full Day" in the top right box, and just hit the nearby right arrow for Tuesday, November 10. Make sure your listing says "Sesame Street: Frankly It's Becoming a Habitat" or you may not be watching the premiere show! In this show, a real-estate agent tries to persuade Big Bird to move to a warm climate by taking him on a virtual tour that stops at a beach, a swamp and a rain forest. Meanwhile, in our show, the class pet gets a little greedy with a magic wand and sends the fairy kids on a wild goose chase. Enjoy!!!

I also hear that they're actually airing our first four shows this week - highly unusual! Usually they get a segment and repeat it a ton, but they're actually going to show a new episode EVERY DAY this week! How awesome!!!

Yeay!!! Thanks everyone! So excited!

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Jeremy White said...

I couldn't catch it today but I wanted to. Will it be online?

So great that get to animate on Sesame Street! Congrats!