Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Abby's Flying Fairy School: "The Pinocchio Process"

Some Trivia, if you'd like... Although it was the second to air, Pinocchio Process was actually the fifth show in production at Speakeasy FX. Personally, I think it's our most gorgeous show.

My work on this episode, which aired today:

  • (EP005SH067) Gonnigan
    "Oh, that doesn't sound like a good idea!"

  • (EP005SH095) Blogg, Abby, Mrs. Sparklenose
    "I can do that, no problem! Eeeh! Oooh! Huh?" - ("I'm off to find the cricket!" was later cut.) - "Uhm, maybe I'd better poof us there. But where do you find a cricket?"
    While this was originally a longer shot, the second part of Blogg's dialogue had to be cut to make room in the episode for a crucial change elsewhere.

  • (EP005SH120) Abby, Ladybug, Gonnigan, Blogg
    "A ladybug, ha! We better keep looking."
    One of my favorite little Abby moments. I love Abby!!!

  • (EP005SH170) Blogg, Cricket, Abby
    "Well you can help if you want, but I definitely do not need it."
    I had a great time adding the stiff wooden shake characteristic to various Blogg puppet shots.

  • (EP005SH220) Abby, Gonnigan
    "We don't need a giraffe or a monkey, what we need, is a donkey!"
    One of Abby's many cheerleader-style rhyming moments.

  • (EP005SH340) Blogg, Abby
    "Eghh, Eeeh, Oohm..." - "What's wrong?" - "I can't do it!" - "Sure you can! Your arms and legs and wings are all back to normal."
    I really put as much love into this underwater shot as I could in just a couple of days! When I saw a test render of the whale, I knew the caustic lighting would be really impressive for a kid's tv show, and so I tried to really get the weight right as well as believable secondary action on the fairies' flippers.

  • PS - Thursday's episode introduces a really fun new character, so don't miss it! I think he will leave you *wishing* for more!


    Jeremy Redleaf said...

    You guys did a phenomenal job! I'm in awe of these episodes...

    -Jeremy (Gonnigan)

    Laura "Sko" said...

    Jeremy! Thanks for stopping by!!!

    Chris and April said...

    My 2yo just watched this episode - not much keeps her attention for that long! Great job, thanks!

    Laura "Sko" said...

    Sooo cute, I'm so glad she liked it! It's one of my favorites too. I love what our generalists did to make the water effect. So pretty! It's really an adventurous episode too, with clear objectives for kids to think about. And, everybody loves Blogg!! :)