Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Abby's Flying Fairy School: "Niblet's Wand"

Some Trivia, if you'd like... Niblet's wand was actually the fourth show in production at Speakeasy FX. However, it fit better within the season to be shown first, as it introduces the class pet, Niblet, who is a clever, mischievous, gerbilcorn - that is, a gerbil/unicorn mix.

My work on this episode, which aired today:

  • (EP004SH080) Gonnigan, Abby, Blogg, and Mrs. Sparklenose
    "And there he goes!" - "Let's go Gonnigan, we need all the fairies we can get!" - "You know gerbilcorns, they love to be chased! A little fairy chase music please!"
    Note - the first part of this shot was the last shot shown on the earlier YouTube promotional video.

  • (EP004SH307) Blogg, Gonnigan, Abby
    "Oh no, we're on top of a mountain!" - "And Niblet's at the bottom!"
    While originally animated in the close up perspective, this shot was later split into two shots, the latter portion merging with shot 310. Niblet was animated by Will Robertson, a freelance generalist and animator who came in briefly this spring to help while Scott (our owner) was away.

  • (EP004SH495) Gonnigan, Mrs. Sparklenose
    "Then how will we ever catch him?" - "Oh you can't catch a gerbilcorn."
    Initially, we were given notably the deepest, most out-of-character vocal performance for Gonnigan. The shot was later extended slightly to accommodate improved vocal characteristics.

  • (EP004SH500) Mrs. Sparklenose
    "Unless he wants to be caught."

  • (EP004SH505) Abby, Blogg
    "I'll never get to pet him again?"

  • (EP004SH510) Gonnigan, Blogg
    "And I'll never get to try to pet him again."

  • (EP004SH595) Gonnigan, Blogg, Niblet
    "Uh, oh... okay!" - "Meep!" - "Oh! This feels nice!"
    One of the cuddlier moments I ever got to animate on the show, with Niblet jumping into Gonnigan's arms.

  • PS - Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Episode 2... you won't regret it, it's a gorgeous episode with some amazing visual sequences... don't miss it!


    Steven said...

    Blogg said, "I'll miss my wand!...DOH! Forget about my wand! I'm gonna miss the way he says, "Eep eep."!" {While using his hand as a mouth while he says [Eep eep.]} When the fairies start crying , I always start crying, even though I know Niblet is listening, & is going to come out & jump in Abby's arms, toss Blogg his wand, then jump in his arms, then ask Gonnigan, "Eep eep?" To which Gonnigan says, "Uh...O.K.?" & holds out his arms & turns his head & closes his eyes, as if about to catch a disease! But when Niblet jumps on Gonnigan's chest, he is surprised, & says, "This feels kind of nice." Then Abby says, "I guess Gonnigan was ready." {I'm not sure if I remember the last part right for THIS episode, but I ,think Mrs. Sparklenose says, "Great job, faries. Stars for everyone!" Then turns to the camera, {the viewers}, & says, "You too. CATCH!" & tosses stars to the viewers.}

    Laura "Sko" said...

    Yep, you got it pretty much word for word! Mrs. Sparklenose, being the teacher, always rewards her students and viewers at the end.

    You sound like a huge fan!!! Thanks for watching! :)