Thursday, November 12, 2009

Abby's Flying Fairy School: "Genie In A Bottle"

Some Trivia, if you'd like... Even though it was the third show to air, Genie In A Bottle was actually the sixth show in production at Speakeasy FX. It combines a message about recycling with a fun surprise - a genie pops out of an old bottle!

My work on this episode, which aired today:

  • (EP006SH015) Abby, Blogg, Gonnigan, Peck, Mrs. Sparklenose
    "Oh, don't you remember, Blogg? Recycling is when you take something that's been used, and turn it into something new, that can be used again!" - "Oh yea! Why do we do that exactly?" - "So that there's less trash." - "That makes sense! Come on, let's recycle!"
    Probably one of the longest shots I ever got to work on. It took several days, as opposed to the average 2-3 days of animation on a single shot, which is why I can claim so few shots in this episode as opposed to others.

  • (EP006SH120) Gonnigan, Genie, Niblet, Abby, Mrs. Sparklenose, Blogg
    "Oh, what do we do now?" - "All right, all right. But make it quick! I haven't found my swim wear."
    Sadly (for me), this shot never made it to render. After animation was finaled, a chunk of the dialogue was repuprosed into another shot when new dialogue, or "pickup audio," was recorded and sent to our studio to help with a continuity issue. This sort of disappointment is fairly common for animators and must be accepted with a shrug of the shoulders.

  • Here's what an un-rendered shot looks like, without all the pretty fur and magic:

    PS - Friday's episode is shakin' - it brings some real toe-tappin' fun!!! Enjoy!

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