Friday, August 29, 2008

Countdown: 8 days until MRS

Well, as much as I wanted to keep Dog N Suds a daily routine, things have gotten extremely crazy as we are now only basically a week away from being married.

Also unfortunate, I really wanted to take part in a large collaborative project with Animation Mentor this summer, but I'm hoping another opportunity will roll around, because the deadline is the day after our wedding and I have not had any time for progress. I haven't had time even for my contract job, which had been paying for groceries - but the time is approaching when we no longer have to juggle with florists, cake vendors, videographers... I'm ever so slightly jealous of those who have an opportunity to go on a honeymoon just after their wedding. That would be awesome, but, we have another ceremony in October to celebrate Naveen's Hindu traditions, which will be awesome too. We're starting to look at potential honeymoon spots in November.

Meanwhile, in between the weddings, I'd really like to hop back on the horse with Dog N Suds whenever possible. The intention is to get another project or two figured out before sending out some reels. It'd be nice to do that before the end of the year.

Time to get back to putting together our ceremony programs. Just a small note: I've had to begin moderating comments on this blog due to unwanted spam comments from a user named "lijialefw." I intend to eventually turn the moderation back off, since I (like you) enjoy seeing my comments posted immediately, but for now, the word verification tool just isn't enough to block that user from spamming me.

That's all for now. Wish me luck, we're just a week away!!!