Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sit Down, Shut Up

The latest and greatest animated comedy show on Fox, Sit Down, Shut Up. It's about as unintelligent as any other of their animated shows, but it has its appeals, like a cast comprised of Arrested Development and Saturday Night Live actors. I'd say, it's mildly fun if you've got nothing else to watch or 20 minutes to kill.

I do like the character design and bank of facials for each individual though. Some of them pack a good amount of personality. That and the voice acting are probably the highlights of the show.

Watch it on Hulu:

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

215 Days Till Sesame's 40th Season Begins

Incredibly, Sesame Street has remained on the air to delight children for almost 40 years. Happily, I can say that I have lovingly taken part in this monumental year. And unbelievably, we are now halfway through our animation contract.

Today at Speakeasy FX we started episode 7 (of 13) and already are plowing through shots. There is a lot of excitement about these episodes, and we are constantly improving from an animation standpoint. In editorial, the show is being cut a little differently here and there, and experimenting is being done all the time to create variation, improve workflow, and stay on task. We're a very different monster than we were 6 months ago, since we have increased from 8 to 13 animators in that time, and have grown in the technical-wrangling side of things as well.

Yet amidst heightened productivity, friendly competition, and attention to detail, there is all the more room for "that's what she said," nerf gun wars, and spamming of YouTube videos among coworkers throughout the day. It's been an absolute joy working here. With hopes, we'll continue our great relationship with Sesame Street in the coming year(s), and with greater hope on a personal level, I will be able to enjoy working with this studio-family while finally being able to enjoy my husband's company as well. Times can get rough, but we are giving all of ourselves to stay focused and positive. For now we are continuing to see each other every 3-4 weeks, budget and weather permitting, and staying as positive as possible. We thank our supportive family and friends for reminding us all that we have and all that is ahead of us to look forward to. We wish you a Happy Easter and best wishes all around.

Where The Wild Thing Poops

Brilliance upon brilliance.

Where The Wild Things Are

Everyone Poops