Saturday, February 22, 2014

Miracle League Wins 2013 SayThanksAustin Campaign!

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Celebration is at hand as the Miracle League takes home the winning $10,000 prize from the Recognize Good "Say Thanks Austin" 2013 Campaign, after closing ceremonies took place this morning on a beautiful, sunny, 70-degree day in February at Austin's City Hall.


Although many well-deserving Austinites were present today, there could only be one winner, and that was the Miracle League. Led by the superlative Steve and Tracey Brown and upheld by dozens of high-caliber volunteers, this organization helps children and young adults with special needs realize their true physical and social potential by offering them the chance to excel at outdoor team sports to the best of their abilities. I am proud to know these people and to have been a part of their organization for the past year as a field marshal. The kids that run, walk, stumble, or even wheel out onto the Miracle League's specially designed field can do much more than give their best efforts in softball and kickball; they give us all pause and reason to be thankful, to find joy in the little things, to connect in meaningful ways with those around us, and to love one another and lift each other up to the highest capacity for greatness in our lives. 

The Miracle League is first and foremost about the children it serves, and their families, but an important secondary effect is the life-changing impact made on the buddies and volunteers who make it possible. Every moment on the field is special, and every person is there with a passion to be good. It is a heartwarming and joyous place where no matter what happens off the field, all struggles can be surmounted and put into positive perspective, especially when we work together. This message is not only important to the differently-abled children and families who struggle with their hardships, but also to the everyday people who give their time and energy to realize just what's possible when we all lend a helping hand and extend ourselves for one another.

It is my honor to wish the Brown family and the Miracle League my utmost compliments and congratulations for their success in this campaign. I know that the funding will be used wisely to accomplish even more greatness, and the commnity recognition will put a legacy stamp on the level of good that comes from this organization. My heartfelt thanks go to Recognize Good for being there to support the best people Austin has to offer, and I also fervently wish to thank my friends, family, colleagues, and social media connections for the profound support you contributed by ardent daily voting. Every one of you made a difference. This was a record-breaking year for the campaign with over 62,000 votes, many of which I know came from you. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for being there to support this very deserving cause.

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