Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Wrap

So, summer's over. Womp-womp. I actually don't have a lot of time, so I'll let pictures do most of the talking this time.

Some days were downright lazy.

There was definitely a lot of cuddle time with Sully and my handsome husband Naveen Nattam, who will be celebrating a 2nd wedding anniversary with me soon.

I had a lot of time to cook, so I found myself trying out recipes involving potatoes and eggs, when normally I don't buy either (if I generally don't have time to cook, I don't buy eggs or potatoes because they'll go bad too quickly for me to use them).

We found ourselves going to a lot of house parties with our friends in PA. It was really great to get out and have fun with everyone. We really aren't too crazy at these things.. Hubby plays a lot of Rockband, I chum around, both of us with drinks in our hands. Our friends share a house there and typically invite 20-30 people, and there hasn't been a boring night yet.

It wouldn't be summer without a major car expense - but at least we didn't have to pay for this one. In one of my many trips to/from PA this summer, I was driving next to a construction site and they dropped/flung a small piece of concrete at me and accidentally smashed my windshield. Luckily I had my sun visor down, or I would have had bits of glass in my eyes and face. No injuries, just a lot of glass fragments in the car and a windshield to be replaced, all at the construction company's expense. Thankfully they were nice about it and didn't make problems for me. The cop told me this was the worst construction related accident he had ever seen, and said that besides escaping injury, I was also lucky they were accepting responsibility so readily and offering reimbursement without question.

A lot of our evenings looked like this, as hubby and I aspire to advance in our careers and talents. Plus we just love what we do. :)

Finally, I must say that working at the preschool this summer was for the most part a real blessing for me. Sure, this part-time job was taken on a whim and I missed out on a lot of the summer relaxation by the pool, which bothers me a little. There were definitely those days where I got annoyed with a couple troublemakers, or struggled to agree with certain teaching or management styles facing me. But on the whole, I'm coming away from the experience so very happy that I did it. I learned that I can captivate, teach, and enjoy the playful company of 30 kids at a time. They were so imaginative, and growing so much with each other. Even in just a few months, I watched a couple of them go from shy, introverted kids, to happy, bouncy extroverts with their friends. By the end, it was really hard to leave, and I was even asked to stay through the year, but I always intended this to be just for summer and then return to animation in the fall. I'll always remember these kids, though!

For more CFM pictures, click here.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Sesame Street Play-Along Stories (AFFS)

For anyone who has been following, the interactive projects SpeakeasyFX did for Sesame Street's "Abby's Flying Fairy School" are now being dubbed "Play Along Stories" on the website.

There are two games currently available:

Sleeping Bloggy
Help Abby and Gonnigan wake up Blogg.
Subject: Numbers / Early Math

Say Gezundenshniffle
Help the fairies get the dust bunnies back under the rug.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

AM's Bishop 2.0

I finally got a chance to watch this video of Animation Mentor's latest news: the launch of their character "Bishop 2.0." For the most part, I was shaking my head in disbelief and sheer amazement, saying, "These guys are insane. These guys are INSANE."

AM Launches Bishop 2.0 - (watch on YouTube) - (AM Site)

"Bishop, our flagship character, has been a critical piece of our animation curriculum since we opened our doors in March of 2005. Our students and alumni have logged an estimated 1.7 million hours animating Bishop, which makes him possibly the most collaboratively animated character on the planet."

If THAT doesn't blow your mind..

"Bishop 2.0 is a fully customizable rig which allows even the most novice Maya users to completely alter his appearance." They aren't joking, when they say completely.

I'm thrilled and eager to try using the new rig at home this week. I am extremely grateful that AM is allowing its alumni to have this benefit, to continue being a part of the school's growth and community in this way.

These guys are insane(ly talented and dedicated) and I never doubt for a second that they are the best animation school out there, period.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Dialogue Clips from AM

These are a bit outdated, but I realized I never posted them a few years ago when I was working on them in the AM program.

America's Sweethearts Byron Allen Interview

Clip taken from America's Sweethearts movie. Some of it is still in blocking (the girl filing her nails). I'm happiest with the first shot of Byron, and secondly some of the final work on Eddie's character in the last shot, since those are the most finished parts of this piece.

In Love With Frank

Clip taken from You've Got Mail movie. This was one of my more polished monologue pieces at the time.