Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Speed Networking Event | Culture FX

If you've come looking for me since the event last week, you've found the right person!

Special thanks go to Culture FX for hosting the event at the W hotel in downtown Austin, and especially to the speaker Gayle Reaume, CEO and Founder of Moola U, a company specializing in teaching young people about managing their finances. Gayle presented passionately about networking, what it is, and how it can be most valuable. For being credited by others as a good listener and open-minded person in my personal life, I admit I was closed-minded at first, assuming I'd heard it all before -- valid material but unnecessary for me to hear. But it set the tone for us all to be more open to each other and hear what people were really passionate about, and pull from our own experiences and networks to try to help one another. This wasn't entirely evident until the speed networking part of the event actually started, and it became clear that this was one of the best, most open-minded, supporting networking experiences I have ever witnessed. Tremendously talented, driven people and a great event.

If you met me at the event, I welcome you to stay in touch so that we may continue to support each other in our endeavors.