Sunday, January 14, 2007

A New Beginning

Old habits die hard.
I tried my very hardest to submit on time in 401... but just missed the cutoff. Ever have one of those days? All these programs open, computer's running slow, you think it's 2:50pm but server time says it's already 3:01pm?
I need to improve my workflow.

So, since it's still January, I'm adding yet another New Year's Resolution to my list: concentrate on progress. I am generally so tired after work that I haven't spared any mental strength for animating at night. I make my way through the week, and then Saturday comes, and I spend the whole day playing catch-up with my animation lectures and assignments, not to mention some small amount of social networking, and do the same on Sunday until 3pm (EST) when I am forced to let go and move on. It's an exhausting work flow for me.

The solution simply is to concentrate on the space of time available to me through the week, and push past fatigue and find again those sparkling wonders of possibility with a child's eyes.

As I pondered this today, I realized the concepts of time and space are so integral to my state of being. I always seem to have trouble finding time, so I need to focus - clear my head and move forward. I am an animator, and while I've improved my key poses in the last 3 terms at AnimationMentor, I now need to fully see the realm of possibility of character and motion - in between the keyframes. I have to refine my spacing and timing. Interesting that "breakdowns" have different meanings in my life, too. It has taken me a long time to realize that I live in a transitional world - things are constantly changing, sometimes very unstable, and I have to simply embrace that.

One thing that is helpful for me at this time is listening to classical Indian music. My fiance was born here in the United States, as I was, but his family is from India, and I've asked them to bring back some music for me. To the average onlooker (including my parents and some extended family), it might appear that I'm aiming for the stereotypical enlightenment of the hippie generation (minus the recreational drugs, unless you count chocolate). Really, all I want is to do what it takes to get myself to focus on what I have and where my aim should be. The enchanting, unique rhythms of classical Indian music reflect my desire to be surprising and entertaining in my ongoing attempts to bring characters to life.

That said, I am ready to start improving my workflow. My assignment was late today, yes. Now I have room to improve - to concentrate and focus throughout the week (not just the weekend) and to avoid any possibility of falling behind. The aim should always be upwards. I know I am dedicated, I just need to find the better path.


Laura "Sko" said...

For anyone who has skipped to this first post - I have grown a lot. I spoke with my superiors who were awesome and let me continue art direction on a contract basis, and remotely, so I could move to Orlando and focus on my animation and plan my wedding with my fiance who had been there since September '06.

Many changes occur... but one thing is for certain in my mind... it is the transition that matters most.

Laura "Sko" said...

Continuing the journey over a year later - I am married and dealing with a new and difficult transition, again living apart from my now husband. However, I am enjoying the ride since my career as a character animator has finally started and I'm working on Sesame Street's 40th season on television. It's amazing, challenging, glorious work, and although it has been awful being away from the love of my life, we know we can make this work. We're hoping to live together again soon while still enjoying our blossoming careers.

Please continue making day-to-day count! It's not about where we are, but how we got there. It is the transition that matters most!

Laura "Sko" said...

Ready for a new beginning!

Another year and a half has gone by and I'm done with the Sesame project -- although I'd love to hear that we've been awarded another season of episodes. I'm still in touch with SpeakeasyFX and involved in various IPs with them, but I'm once again trying to find employment as an animator with a dedicated creative team.

The good news is, my husband and I have been able to live together since last fall and it's been amazing. We've been learning a lot and yearning to better ourselves and our life with our little kitty Sully.